Youth & Family Centers

centers provide care for students ages four to 21

Reading, writing and check-ups: Parkland takes care into local schools

Seven-year-old Lhria Brooks carefully reads with her mother while waiting to discuss her asthma with April Campbell, PA. Lhria is the daughter of Roshanda Brooks, who has been bringing her four children to Parkland’s West Dallas Youth & Family Center for years.

"I feel at home here,” said Brooks. “Miss April knows my kids, and we just love her.”

The center, located at Pinkston High School, is one of Parkland’s 12 Youth & Family Centers. A partnership with the Dallas Independent School District, the centers provide care for students ages four to 21. Health maintenance exams, immunizations, family planning and primary care are all available at the clinics. Being located in a school provides easy access for students to stop by before, during or after school.

Campbell gets both professional and personal satisfaction from her work.

“Working here gives me the opportunity to not only live out Parkland’s mission of caring for the health and well-being of the communities entrusted to our care, but to also live out my personal mission of serving the underserved,” she said.

At the heart of Campbell’s personal mission are the relationships she develops with her patients.

“I love not only to be the provider, but also to be welcoming to their families,” said Campbell. “My patients are the reason I come to work every day. They welcome me, and they keep me motivated.”

When it comes to Brooks and her children, the relationship is extra special.

“With the Brooks family, I have not only been their primary care provider, but I feel I am a member of their family,” said Campbell. “They provide a light to my life as a provider.”

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