The Rees-Jones Trauma Center at Parkland

Back to life thanks to trauma care at Parkland

After exiting the freeway and stopping at a stop sign, Lake Highlands resident Fred Halstead was rear-ended by a car going 70 mph. He was lucky he survived. The impact caused the car’s communication system to call Fred’s house, where his wife later heard a disturbing message.

“The message I left said ‘Hi hon, I’ve been in a bit of a wreck,’” said Fred. “You could hear the sirens and the paramedics in the background saying ‘We’re going to have to cut off his seatbelt.’”

Fred was rushed to Parkland where he was treated for a concussion, severely broken wrist and cracked ribs. He had never been to Parkland as a patient.

“I knew that Parkland was a great hospital and that it primarily focused on the indigent,” he said. “I quickly discovered that their services are fabulous for people with insurance as well.”

Fred’s broken wrist was his most serious injury, and physicians repaired it using a plate and several screws.

“My experience with the trauma department could not have been any better,” said Fred. “The care was exceptional and the quality of the clinicians was incredible."

His wrist took several months to heal, but he was soon back to playing golf, exercising and spending time with his grandchildren.

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