Meet Shaun Romo

Shaun and Jessica Romo

Shaun was driving in the pouring rain when his truck fishtailed and rolled over twice into a ditch, hitting a tree.

“The tree ended up pinning him in,” said his wife, Jessica. “His foot was caught on the gas pedal, so he couldn’t get out.” Within 10 minutes, the truck was on fire.

Six passersby helped him from the wreckage before Shaun was transported to Parkland. Once there, he received treatment for third-degree burns on more than one-third of his body. His recovery required more than 15 surgeries – including the amputation of his toes.

“Before my accident, I had never really thought about Parkland even though I was born here,” explained Shaun. “Now, after experiencing the care, I would recommend Parkland to anyone. The doctors and nurses truly care and want to do whatever it takes to help their patients get well.”

Today, Shaun and Jessica are active members within Parkland’s community of burn survivors. For the past two years, he has volunteered as a counselor at Parkland’s burn camp for children who have been hospitalized with burn injuries. He plans to attend every year from now on to continue seeing the joy on the kids’ faces.

“We are there to help the children but it also helps us adults,” said Shaun. “For one week, they don’t have to worry about their scars. For one week, they’re just kids. It reinforces that no matter what you go through, you’re still you.

“I can’t say that I’m glad I went through the accident but I can say I’m glad Parkland was there to take care of me. There was a point I didn’t think I would make it, but they built my faith to the point I have no fear any more. I believe I can do anything now.”

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