Meet Merci


In the weeks following the birth of her son Raymond, Merci found herself overwhelmed by irritability, sadness and frequent bouts of tears.

Fortunately, Parkland staff recognized Merci’s symptoms as postpartum depression during a routine checkup at the outpatient obstetrics clinic following Raymond’s birth. She was connected with one of Parkland’s postpartum depression specialists to help her cope with her feelings.

“The therapy with a mental health counselor at Parkland has really helped me,” she said, smiling as she caressed little Raymond’s head. “I kept so much inside myself before but now I’m learning to open up and talk about things and I’m able to let them go. Everything is getting better.”

Parkland provides screenings for postpartum depression for every new mother during her first postpartum clinic checkup. Treatment options include counseling, behavioral therapy, medication and psychiatric counseling, if necessary.

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