Residents on RoundsParkland Health & Hospital System treats patients with many different types of cancer, and diagnoses more than 2,000 new cancer cases each year. Oncology patients benefit from a multidisciplinary approach to cancer treatment, and the cutting-edge scientific medical knowledge that comes with Board Certified cancer specialists of a teaching hospital.

  • Parkland aims for patients to access all the resources of a large health care system. To achieve this goal, Parkland uses a care coordinator approach when working with cancer patients. The coordinator helps a patient access the Parkland system so cancers are rapidly diagnosed, assessed and treated.
  • Parkland cancer patients are surrounded by a caring team of professionals that includes nurses, oncologists, nutritionists, chaplains and more, depending on each individual patient’s needs.
  • Parkland and The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center boast the National Cancer Institute designation. The designation is the “gold standard” in cancer care given to leaders in research, treatment and education.

Personalized Support

Transportation – Cancer patients are in treatment typically two to three times per week. Around 70 percent of oncology patients live between 11 to 24 miles from the hospital. These patients might not own car or have the ability to drive themselves to appointments. Parkland provides taxi vouchers to patients that need transportation support.

Financial – Cancer patients are not turned away from Parkland if they can’t pay for care. Because of this, patients across the region are referred to Parkland when their insurance runs out, or if they are simply unfunded.

Education –Regardless of education or language barriers, the care coordinator ensures the patient understands their diagnosis and can make informed decisions quickly. This can mean the difference between life and death for a patient with rapidly growing tumors.

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