Meet Our Donors

Parkland has provided medical care to anyone in need since 1894.
As Dallas County's safety-net hospital, we don't know who will come through our doors or what care they will need. But with the support of these generous donors, we will be ready.


Edith Otieno

“The opportunity to spread the Parkland mission is too great to keep quiet.” Read More


Dr. Cunningham

“Parkland is a gem in the community and is a much needed institution in a large city like Dallas.” Read More


Phyllis Bernstien

“Parkland plays a critical role in the health of our community. I get back much more than I give.”
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Sam Self

“I stand for Parkland because I can’t imagine what we would do without it.” Read More




James Perez

“I stand for Parkland because Parkland is the sole safety net for Dallas County.” Read More