Parkland Memorial Hospital, built in 1954, is vastly undersized for current patient volumes. Dallas County's population is projected to double by 2025, yet Parkland currently operates at full capacity with no flexibility for meeting greater demand. The way health care was delivered more than 50 years ago has changed greatly, and Parkland must change to effectively meet the health care needs of Dallas.

Recognizing the pressing need for a new hospital facility, Parkland Foundation has embarked on a campaign to raise $150 million to help fund the $1.32 billion project. The I Stand for Parkland campaign will build on the grand Dallas tradition of public-private partnerships, setting the new standard for what can be done when champions of a noble cause - the health and well-being of our community - come together to support a vision for growth and innovation that will benefit all residents and help secure our region's future prosperity.

The Dallas philanthropic community is standing up to support the building of a new Parkland and we invite you to stand with them. Make a gift to the capital campaign or contact us at 214.266.2000 to learn more.

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