Thank you for your interest in supporting Parkland! It is only through the generosity of our community – in giving their time, talents and financial gifts – that we are successful in improving the health of those who reside in Dallas County. Your efforts on our behalf are very much appreciated!

The following guidelines may be useful as you consider conducting an event, promotion or fundraiser to benefit Parkland Health & Hospital System. In order to focus our resources on the business of raising critical funding for our health system, Parkland Foundation simply cannot manage numerous events. We hope that you will review these guidelines and submit an application with information about your proposed event.

Please fill out the application and fax back to us at 214.266.2050.

Your application will be reviewed within one week of submittal. Please do not move forward with your plans until you have been notified of a decision.

Again, thank you for thinking of Parkland. We hope that you will share any photos, copies of handouts or promotional materials or other remembrances of your event – we would love to celebrate your success with you!


v     While Parkland Foundation staff may provide guidance to your event once it is approved, we are generally unable to provide administration or logistical assistance (such as distributing invitations, compiling responses, selling tickets, serving on steering committees, etc). If the event is approved, you should plan to provide all of the support necessary, including funding for the event.

v     A letter of agreement will be negotiated and signed by both you and Parkland Foundation before you may plan or promote the event.

v     You will be responsible for obtaining all necessary permits for the event and for obtaining general liability insurance as appropriate. 

v     If conducting an athletic or sporting event, you must require all participants to sign a waiver/release.


v     All products or items bearing the name of Parkland that will be sold or distributed with the event must be approved in advance by Parkland Foundation.

v     You must obtain written permission to use Parkland Health & Hospital System’s or Parkland Foundation’s name, logo or other identifying marks. If your application is approved, the letter of agreement will state the terms for use of the name and logo.

v     All publicity material related to the event must be reviewed and approved by Parkland Health & Hospital System before distribution.


v     Parkland Foundation works with various underwriters, sponsors and funders. In order to ensure that there is no conflict, you must inform the Foundation of any potential event sponsors, underwriters, donors or funders before approaching or securing them.


v     A minimum donation will be agreed upon in writing in advance.

v     All advertising and promotional materials should clearly disclose the amount of money from the purchase that will be donated to Parkland Foundation, as appropriate.

v     Payments from sponsors, underwriters or participants that relate directly to the event (such as tickets, sponsorship, event expenses) must be made to you, as the individual or organization conducting the event. You may not offer the option of making payment directly to Parkland Foundation for tax purposes or make any statement that would imply that those payments are tax deductible, unless agreed upon in advance. Donations (separate and apart from the event fee) may be made directly to Parkland Foundation.

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