meet trevor and jan REES-JONES

Trevor and Jan Rees-Jones consider themselves “ordinary folks” who just happen to have discovered a new source of natural gas which they sold for a tidy profit. But, having recently made a gift of $25 million to help build a new Parkland, the Rees-Joneses are anything but ordinary.

When did you decide to create The Rees-Jones Foundation?

Trevor: We decided to create The Rees-Jones Foundation at the time we sold most of the assets we developed in oil and gas. It was such a surprisingly large amount of money that we felt we could now financially support some of the causes we were interested in, in a much greater way.

Does your foundation focus on any particular cause?
Jan: We primarily focus on the underserved in the Dallas-North Texas area. There’s just a whole lot of hurting people in the world. You can’t help them all, but you can focus in one area and you can make a difference.

What inspires you to give?
Trevor: We believe the Lord’s will is involved largely here, and it’s our task to determine how best to serve other people, and serve His will with this money.

This is your foundation’s largest gift to date. Why Parkland?
Trevor: Parkland’s mission very much matches our own from the standpoint of the people we wish to serve. There’s a need for a new Parkland that could serve the Dallas area for decades to come. The need for the new facility itself was the compelling reason for the gift. And, the need is now.

Has Parkland touched your life in a personal way?
Trevor: I’ve never been a patient. But I can remember as a child hearing people say that Parkland is where you want to go for medical care. My brother, who’s a doctor now, worked as a summer intern in Parkland’s emergency department when he was younger.

How do you envision this gift encouraging others to stand for Parkland?
Jan: They should understand this gift was very well thought-out. We hope others will give just as much careful consideration to how important the new Parkland is to Dallas, and think, “If they think it’s a good thing, then so should we.”

Trevor: Everyone needs quality health care. If someone doesn’t have access to quality medical care simply because they are less well off financially or socially, that’s just wrong. Parkland fills this need for so many in Dallas and we all need to support its vital role.

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