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Patients served by the world-renowned Burn Center at Parkland Health & Hospital System suffer life-threatening, long-term injuries. A variety of burns are healed in the unit including chemical injuries, electrical burns, skin diseases, fire-related injuries and scalds.

  • The second largest civilian burn center in the U.S., Parkland is one of 64 centers verified by the American Burn Association.
  • Burn patients are on the rise in Dallas County. Today the unit sees approximately 700 admissions each year, an increase of 75 percent over six years.
  • Because of Parkland’s excellence in the field of burn medicine, patient outcomes have improved. 30 years ago, patients with burns covering half their bodies saw only a 50 percent chance survival. Now, patients sustaining burns on half their bodies see 96 percent survival rates.
  • As a leader in disaster preparedness, Parkland has the ability to treat up to 100 additional burn patients at a moment’s notice.

Cutting-Edge Treatment

  • Parkland is a pioneer in the treatment of burns. In the 1960’s, Dr. Charles Baxter devised the Parkland Burn Formula – still used today internationally in burn care. Parkland continues to promote best practices in burn therapy.
  • Today, Parkland uses the latest therapies in burn care, such as new, silver-infused antimicrobial dressings, meaning less pain, reduced need for pain medications and shorter hospital stays. Discharged patients visit a Burn Center Clinic to follow-up on treatment plans.

Emotional Support

  • Parkland provides social support for children and adult burn patients following their hospitalization by hosting a burn retreat for adults, burn camp for children and survivor reunion picnics for families.
  • Children make up one-third of all burn patients. Parkland’s Back to School program is designed to help children and teens re-enter school with confidence and support by educating teachers and students about burn injuries.

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