The Physician Council is composed of medical leaders reflecting the rich diversity of physicians in North Texas who are connected with Parkland, either through their training, practice or appreciation of the hospital's mission. The passion and commitment Physician Council members' exhibit regarding Parkland should encourage others to rally to the campaign cause to such a degree as to help assure the success of this philanthropic initiative.

Ruben Amarasingham, MD
Ron J. Anderson, MD*
Laura N. Armas-Kolostroubis, MD
Fernando L. Benitez, MD
Patricia C. Bergen, MD
D. Shelton Blair, MD
Steven Bloom, MD
A. Compton Broders, MD
Teresa Chan, MD
Michael Choti, MD
Charles Dale Coln, MD
Shirley Kindberg Coln, MD
Roberto C. de la Cruz, MD
Michael J. Downing, MD
Alex Eastman, MD
Amy Eastman, MD
Dennis J. Factor, MD
Robert L. Fine, MD
Gary Edd Fish, MD
Morris J. Fogelman, MD
Catalina E. Garcia, MD
Diane Gibby, MD
William Griffith, MD 
Edwin E. Harrison, MD
Mark Hebert, MD 
Robert S. Hendler, MD
Peter R. Hoffmann, MD
Clifton W. Hooser, MD
Gordon Hosford, MD*
Philip J. Huber, Jr., MD
John Hunt, MD
Gregory R. Istre, MD
Jeffrey E. Janis, MD
R. Ellwood Jones, MD
Norman M. Kaplan, MD
David R. Karp, MD, PhD
Kevin W. Klein, MD
Barry S. Lachman, MD, MPH
Matthew Leveno, MD
Christopher Madden, MD
Robert N. McClelland, MD
Lauren McDonald, MD
Dan M. Meyer, MD
Bruce E. Mickey, MD
David Miller, MD
Joseph P. Minei, MD
Charles D. Mitchell, MD
Jere H. Mitchell, MD
Ann R. Mootz, MD
Howard W. Morgan, MD
Charles B. Mullins, MD
Robert S. Munford, MD

Babatunde O. Ogunnaike, MBBS, MD
Geetha Pandian, MD
Chad Park, DDS
Winfred Parnell, MD
M. Elizabeth Paulk, MD
Paul E. Pepe, MD
Donna I. Persaud, MD
Harlan Pollock, MD
Stanley Pomarantz, MD
Ernest Poulos, MD
Gary F. Purdue, MD*
Lee Roy Radford, MD
C. Venkata S. Ram, MD
Roshni Rao, MD
Karl Rathjen, MD 
Gary Reed, MD
Robert V. Rege, MD
Albert D. Roberts, MD
Rod J. Rohrich, MD
Charles R. Rosenfeld, MD
J. Edward Rosenthal, MD
James R. Sackett., MD
Duke S. Samson, MD
Noel O. Santini, MD
Rashmin C. Savani, MB, ChB
Barbara Ann Schultz, MD
Roderich E. Schwarz, MD, PhD
Donald W. Seldin, MD
John J. Shannon, MD
Allan N. Shulkin, MD
Richard W. Snyder, MD
Susan H. Spalding, MD
Erwin R. Thal, MD*
Don Brent Treichler, MD
Diane M. Twickler, MD
Larissa I. Velez, MD
Kathryn K. Waldrep, MD
Robert V. Walker, DDS*
Elgin W. Ware, MD
Jonathan C. Weissler, MD
C. Edward Wells, MD
George D. Wendel, MD
Ben J. Wilson, MD
Charles W. Whitten, MD
A. Gordon Worsham, MD
Kimberly J. Yamanouchi, MD


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