Adult hands and newborn handsBy creating an endowment you can support in perpetuity a specific purpose that is important to you, honor or memorialize a friend or loved one and help ensure the future of quality health care for Dallas County.

Act now to set up an endowment for ½ the normal minimum. A generous anonymous donor has established a matching gift to encourage creating endowments. For a limited time your gift of $12,500 will be matched dollar-for-dollar making it easy to establish your fund. Normally, the minimum gift for a named endowment is $25,000.

An endowment is a permanent fund of support for the purpose you specify. The principal of your gift is invested and grows over time. Distributions from the endowment are made annually based on the Foundation's spending policy. This policy is designed to provide a predictable revenue stream during volatile markets and to minimize the effects of inflation.

You can immediately establish an endowment through an outright gift using almost any type of asset - cash, securities, real estate or other property that can be liquidated. Bequests and other future gifts, including those that provide life income to you or another beneficiary, can also fund an endowment.

If you are thinking about creating an endowment to support a specific purpose, we encourage you and/or your financial advisor to work with the Foundation's charitable advisor to ensure that your gift will accomplish your goals over time. We invite you to contact Kent Weimer, gift planning officer, at 214.266.2036 or kent.weimer@phhs.org to learn more.

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