Mobile mammography unit provides much-needed services to Dallas neighborhoods

Peggy NetterPeggy Netter understands the importance of keeping her spiritual health strong. A member and volunteer at Concord Missionary Baptist Church, she regularly serves in the church’s food pantry. Little did she know her spiritual health would improve her physical health as well.

Uninsured and relatively new to Dallas, Peggy had been unsure of where to get a mammogram. It was at church where she saw a sign regarding Parkland’s mobile mammography unit. Peggy walked to the unit and stood in line with other women from the neighborhood who were also relieved and pleased to have convenient and affordable mammography services.

“There are lots of working poor in my neighborhood, and we need these services,” said Peggy. “Getting a mammogram is not a luxury; it’s vital for our health.”

The mobile mammography unit is one more way Parkland is serving on the front lines of health care in Dallas.

“Having the opportunity right here in my neighborhood, I just had to take advantage of it,” said Peggy. “Having the hospital come to us is a huge benefit.”

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