I Stand for parkland: honoring the "Giants" of GENERAL Surgery

New Parkland Hospital Flyover Video ImageA group of former general surgical residents, in cooperation with Parkland Foundation, are involved in an effort to honor their mentors and the legacy of the Surgery Department in the new Parkland hospital. Parkland surgical alumni have the unique opportunity to honor their heroes and give back to an institution that provided such valuable training.

The Giants of General Surgery campaign has met its goal of $500,000. As of Sept. 4, $635,067.20 has been raised. You can still help us honor our distinguished teachers and leaders in the Parkland Surgery Department by making a donation today.

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Thank you to our donors

Thank you to the following donors who have committed financial support for this project as of Sept. 4, 2014:

$25,000 and above
Charles Coln, MD
Harlan Pollock, MD
John Josephs, MD

$10,000 to $24,999
Jo Ann Baxter
Mrs. Susanne G. Carrico
Dr. and Mrs. Eric Coln
Alexander Eastman, MD
Amy Eastman, MD
William Fry, MD
Joseph Minei, MD
David Mullins, MD
Nick Nicholson, MD
Matthew Rossi, MD
Phillips Rossi, MD
Erwin Thal, MD*
Rob Watson, MD and Christina Watson, RN

$5,000 to $9,999
Farshid Araghizadeh, MD
Peter Beitsch, MD
Patricia Bergen, MD
William Billups, MD
James Blackburn, MD
A. John Blair, MD
Jennifer Blumetti, MD
Bradley Boone, MD
David Borgstrom, MD
Dr. Brandon R. Bruns and Mr. Robert T. Singleton
Cathy Burnweit, MD
Lynn Canavan, MD
David Carter, MD
Eve G. Cieutat, MD
Dean Cione, MD
Louis M. Corne, Jr., MD
J.M. Cornell, MD
Greg Credi, MD
David Curtis, MD
Wayne Delaney, MD
Daniel H. Drake, MD
Charles Dunn, MD
Anthony Fillmore, MD
Daniel Fisher, MD
David A. Fosdick, MD
Ken Goldberg
Lori Gordon, MD
Dr. Valerie and Mr. Greg Gorman
Casey Graybeal, MD
Bryan Hambric, MD
Craig Hobar, MD
Anthony Howard, MD
Charles Howard, MD
Dawn Hui, MD and Mr. Justin Wirpel
Ted Humble, MD
John Hunt, MD
Jose Islesias, MD
Wayne Isom, MD
Ronald Jones, MD
Ms. Kathryn H. H. Jordan
Eric Kaplan, MD
Christine Katterhagen, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Kingman
Kenneth Kollmeyer, MD
Michael Lary, MD
Avron H. Lipschitz, MD
Mary McCarthy, MD
Donald Meier, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Dan M. Meyer
Timothy J. Mickle, MD
Todd Moffat, MD
Dr. Sarah and Mr. Jonathan Oltmann
Nancy O’Neal, MD 
Scott Pearson, MD
Rip Pfeiffer, MD
Damon S. Pierce, MD
Todd Pollock, MD
Monja L. Proctor, MD
William J. Rea, MD
Steve Reeder, MD
William Ryan, MD
David Saint, MD
Duke Samson, MD
Jay J. Singh, MD
Joseph Skemp, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Charles T. Slack
Taylor Smith, MD
Wendel J. Smith, MD
James Spann, MD
Lee Thornton, MD
William Turner, MD
Jeff Tyner, MD
R.J. Valentine, MD
Lucy Wallace, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Wayne L. Watkins
Rob Watson, MD and Christine Watson, RN
John Weigelt, MD
Al West, MD
Gary White, MD
Keith Wright, MD



Many Parkland Surgical Society members submitted nominations to help identify the “Giants" of General Surgery. The following were recently named as the "Giants." Our congratulations to these distinguished teachers and leaders in Parkland surgery through the decades and their families.

Click here to meet the Giants of General Surgery!

Charles R. Baxter, MD*
C. James Carrico, MD*
G. Patrick Clagett, MD 
Charles Dale Coln, MD
J. Michael Cornell, MD  
William J. Fry, MD* 
John L. Hunt, MD
Ronald C. Jones, MD    
Royce Laycock, MD 
Robert N. McClelland, MD
Carl A. Moyer, MD*  
Malcolm O. Perry II, MD*
Gary F. Purdue, MD* 
G. Thomas Shires, MD*   
William H. Snyder III, MD*
Erwin R. Thal, MD*
John A. Weigelt, MD   
Ben Wilson, MD

* deceased  

Giants of general Surgery Steering Committee

Honorary Chair:
Robert McClelland, MD

Harlan Pollock, MD

Dale Coln, MD
Alex Eastman, MD
Amy Eastman, MD
John Josephs, MD
Royce Laycock, MD
David Mullins, MD
Todd Pollock, MD
Matthew Rossi, MD
Phillip Rossi, MD
Erwin Thal, MD
Gary White, MD

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