Established in 1962, Parkland's Burn Center, the second largest in the United States, provides care that is modeled around the world. The renovated 14-bed acute care unit and 9-bed ICU are recognized internationally for providing surgical expertise and rehabilitation to burn survivors of all ages.

Serving North Texas and surrounding areas, Parkland's Burn Center provides emergency treatment, intensive care, rehabilitation and outpatient follow-up to meet the needs of burn patients and their families. With almost 1,000 burn victims seen annually, the burn center admits more than 600 pediatric and adult burn victims each year. A team approach to care involves physicians, nurses, physical and occupational therapists, psychologists, pediatricians, dieticians, chaplains, pharmacists, social workers and nursing assistants.

Burns are the second leading cause of death in children. It is estimated the approximate 2,500 annual pediatric deaths throughout the country are due to burns and three times as many disabling injuries. Burns not only affect the body physically, but also the life-long emotional well-being of the child who must deal with the debilitating effects and disfiguration.

Of the 600 burn victims admitted each year at Parkland, more than 200 of them are children. The main causes of burns are related to house fires, the spill of hot liquids or food, child abuse by scalding agents, and for older children, playing with fire and flammable liquids. Parkland's multidisciplinary approach to caring for burn victims has earned the staff recognition around the world, especially in pediatric care.


Parkland's Burn Center maintains Burn Center Verification status by meeting the criteria of the American Burn Association's Burn Center Verification/Consultation Program. This means the center meets the highest standard of care for burn patients as approved by the American College of Surgeons.

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