Three Parkland hospitals, one Parkland patient

Pearline FrazierPearline Frazier has lived in Dallas her entire life. Throughout those years, she has received medical care at the old Parkland hospital on Maple and Oak Lawn and the current Parkland Memorial Hospital. And now the mother of six children and numerous grandchildren and greatgrandchildren is eager to witness the opening of the new Parkland hospital in 2015.

Q: Tell us about the care you received at old Parkland.

A: I started receiving care at old Parkland before the birth of my baby in 1954. He was born at old Parkland, but received follow-up care at the current Parkland hospital.

Q: And the care you received at the current Parkland?

A: I gave birth to another daughter in late October 1963. We had a follow-up appointment about a month later. That appointment needed to be rescheduled because of the president’s assassination. They told us, “Nobody in. Nobody out.”

And I was treated at Parkland following automobile accidents in 1968 and 1977. Following the second accident my face needed to be reconstructed. When they were finished I was in so much pain but I looked at myself in the mirror and told the doctors they did an excellent job.

Parkland has such good doctors and nurses. I recommend to people that they should come to Parkland. If I have an accident or a fall I want to make sure I get to Parkland. This is my home.

Q: What are your thoughts about the new Parkland?

A: The new Parkland is going to be great. I hope God will let me live to be able to see all three of the hospitals. It’s so great for Dallas. The population is humongous. We need to have something accessible to all the people. Parkland has the reputation for it. If God’s not ready for you, Parkland is going to save you.

Q: What changes do you remember over the years?

A: I’ve seen the location of the emergency room change three or four times. I also experienced how hard it was for blacks because of the color difference. At times I was treated very ugly. A positive experience this summer in the OB complications clinic showed me that times are changing. But despite any unfriendly experiences, I would not go anywhere else but Parkland. I love it.

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